Please, let me introduce you to the world of horsehair...

You are owning the most beautiful horse of the world? Why not compliment it with an exclusively fine and exceptional equipement?

I would like to show you the art of "hitching". This traditional American cowboy craft is unfortunately almost forgotten. The hitching takes a special place within the textile techniques, as it is neither a weaving, braiding nor a macrame technique. It's roots seem to go back to the African continent.

Ten single hairs are pulled out of a bundle of finest Chinese horsehair, knotted together and then twisted into one strand. These strands are carefully dyed with various colours. Then these are hitched around a dowel, whereby the intricate patterns develop through working in differently coloured strands of hair. The hitching process is very time and work intensive - it takes about one hour per inch of length, about 30,000! hitches and 5,000 hairs to finish an average piece of work.

I design my own patterns and colour compositions, but I do also accept custom orders.

Horsehair is an exceptional and exclusive material: it combines natural looks and durability with a noble shine and a smooth, fine textured surface. All artifacts are created to the highest standards, so that, even after years of every day use, they won't loose their beauty and functionality, but increase in value as an collectors item.

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